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MyBlogLog Meme

via Mike

WHAT: A meme about MyBlogLog communities

HOW: If you haven't already, joing MyBlogLog. Post links on your blog. First link to the blog site, Second to the MyBlogLog community page.

WHY: Why not? Spread the link love.

RULES: You should be a member of the community you recommend. You should subscribe to their feed.

Andy Beard | Andy Beard's Community
Andy Beal
| Marketing Pilgrim Community
Graywolf’s SEO Blog | Graywolfs SEO Community
A VC  | Fred’s A VC Community
Converstations | Mike Sansone’s Community (thanks Andy)
The RSS Blog | The RSS Blog and KBCafe

Black in Business | Jim Walton's Community
Social Caster | Bruce Prokopet's Community
Shared NeedLes | Jamie Parks' Community
Brain Based Biz | Robyn McMaster's Community
Branding Strategy Insider | Derrick Daye's Community

I grabbed the links above from Converstations and Andy Beard. Below are my links.

SuccessFromTheNest | community

Go2Web2 | community

Digg | community

I'll add more in a more comprehensive post later. I need to go add myself to more communities!

UPDATE: 1/15/2007- added more | community | community | community | community

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