Review of Day Job Killer

I have read Day Job Killer about a dozen times and have nit picked it to death. I even printed it out and highlighted parts of interest that I am going to cover in this review. I want to warn you now, there is A LOT of hype around this internet marketing ebook and it is for good reason. If you don’t plan on being brutal in your battle to grab commissions in affiliate marketing than you are better of not even reading this review. Day Job Killer really does get “ugly”…almost bloody even!

First off, this book has a few pages that go over the usual clickbank, article writing, and adwords shtick that most any marketer can skip.

Where this DayJobKiller really shines is in the brutal underground affiliate tactics you will learn. Everything from how to spy on your competition (and find exactly what keywords they are profiting from) all the way to how to completely bump a competitor out of the market.

Another great method explored in the ebook is how to analyze affilates’ versus merchants’ share of the market to find top producing products. I would have never have thought of this method on my own, really a great piece of marketing brilliance.

BOTTOM LINE: Day Job Killer is a “Solid Buy” for ruthless affiliate marketers.