Canon hv20 hdv camcorder. Check.

sjhI got one. Circuit City has it online on sale for $965. Best Buy will price match. Best Buy has better, cheaper warrantizzy.

Out the door (+ tax, 2 miniDV tapes, 4 year warranty w/ accident coverage) = $1,230.

I put a lot of research into this purchase. Got some lights and did a test shot with my girlfriend. HDV cam with a Samsung 42″ HDTV and we could count the hairs on her head. amazing. By the way, the miniDV tapes I bought aren’t even HD, they are just normal miniDV tapes.

First thing I learned: Lights are important. In low light this thing looks not much better than a MUCH cheaper camcorder. I have a set of construction lights just like they tell you to get in all those home made video lighting tutorizzies (girlfriend is a photographer so she had them already). Lighting made all the difference.

Another killer feature is cinemode. Basically, the cam can shoot at 24fps, which is what film is. Watch the demo on the canon site to see what this thing can do if you really know how to light a set and do some post work. I hope to learn how to get this effect for rizzy.

It’s 2:47 AM.

I have been asking myself one question for about 6 hours over and over in my head.

“Now what?”