The Latelies, The News, and The Soon-To-Be’s

I have been absent from my blog for about 2 weeks now with the exception of a few link blog posts. So I think it’s time I posted SOMETHING…


  • Been using Twitter a lot
  • Furniture shopping
  • Had my apartment for 12 days, have yet to move in
  • I used to live inside Netvibes, now I’m too busy
  • Been following Calacaniscast. The production value gets better every episode
  • News…

  • I started a new job at (Dir/Marketing)
  • I watched rock heroes die live on TV at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show last night
  • I added a Skype Me button to the blog
  • Soon-To-Be…

  • will launch a social network on the Ning platform
  • May re-design the blog. I found that “marketing zombie” means something bad
  • Friday I’ll put up a “link round up” post