Review of Mafioso Marketing

I just got my hands on an advanced copy of Mafioso Marketing by JD Swanson and I got plenty to say about this internet marketing ebook. JD Swanson claims to have put all his most profitable tactics into this monster of an ebook. I went through this ebook several times with a fine toothed comb and I want to share my no bull review with you.

First off, I spend about $400 a month on internet marketing ebooks a month. Everything from Day Job Killer to AutomatedCashFormula is already in my personal library. So when I say this is a no bull critique of the product, I’m not kidding.

“So, what is Mafioso Marketing really about anyway?”

According to JD Swanson it covers everything from streamlined product creation to free traffic generation secrets. Ladies and gentleman, there aren’t many “secrets” in the ebook. But, there is some darn good practical advice and simple to use tactics.

What impressed me the most is how Swanson focuses on the idea of “instant cash”. This is such an important part of his methodology and if you can really wrap your ahead around it and apply there is no doubt in my mind you can finally kill your day job. And NO, “instant cash” doesn’t mean anything scammy. It’s more like the practice of making sure everything you do moves fast and smooth so money kinda “flows” into your bank account.

Some key tips in the ebook…
-Use paydotcom to launch your affiliate program on the cheap
-Leverage ghostwriters and experts cheaper by doing more research on where the hang out online
-Using affordable membership software and screencasting instead of expensive tools

BOTTOM LINE: This is no joke, one of the best internet marketing ebooks I have ever read. It was a very smooth read, simple actions steps, and there is even a chapter with a complete product launch blueprint that is way cheaper and easier to execute than complicated guru launch methods.

Reason why Mafioso Marketing rocks…
-Contains an actual blueprint in one chapter to quick cash
-No PPC budget required (seriously, this alone makes in awesome)
-No time wasted on clickbank, adwords, aweber tutorials
-Easy and fin to read, very motivational
-Super simple and cheap wealth building tactics online (instant, recurring, high end)
-His “instant guru” tactic is BRILLIANT! You have to print that chapter out and read it everyday.

Some thins I didn’t like (but are totally forgivable given the value of the ebook)…
-Video tutorials were informative but low quality
-Wish he added more screenshots to the ebook just to break up the text
-Some mp3s would be nice to listen in the car

This is the NO JOKE, NO BULL internet marketing ebook you have been waiting for. Trust me. Go grab it ASAP.